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How much time will you need to build your online course?

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What are the biggest and the most unexpected difficulties that today's course builders are facing when they build an online course? What is it that might make the stop from building their course? I help people build courses and launch them on and every year we start a new group and we go through the whole procedure of building and launching your online course.

That's why I went back to these students of mine and I asked them to send me one difficulty they faced which would have made them stop if they did not have the right help to get through.

Over the next weeks, I will share one difficulty at the time with you and I will explain why that can be a hurdle and what you can do to tackle 9 difficulties to build an online course.

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The most unexpected difficulties

As I explained above, I help people build their online course. The first reality which hits them is, that it is often more work than they thought. I do not write this to discourage you, on the contrary. When you are aware of the workload you enter the field prepared and you won't give up that easy. 

So, this is the first hurdle I want to address and that is not just for one or two of my students. This reality hit quite a few of my students. Some of them gave up or asked me if they could come back on the program at a later moment so that they are better prepared for the task at hand.

Building an online course takes more time then most people would expect!

There are different parts of building your course and often people forget what all needs to come into the equation.

  • define your course content
  • define your audience
  • build your list
  • write a sales page
  • make a sales video
  • make the course
  • figure out where you want to offer your course and learn how to build it
  • market your course
  • develop social media
  • ...

These are some main aspects that you need to take into account when you think about building a course. Again, it is totally feasible but I am a bit allergic when I hear some sellers say that you can build your course in a weekend, it is way too much to consider to get a half way decent course published in 3 days. 

Besides, you need also to think about selling your course. Solely publishing it will not get you very far.

So. I like to think of your course as a baby. It needs time to grow in the womb and it needs a welcoming environment when it is born. As much as your baby needs a place to sleep, specific food, diapers and lots of attention, your course needs to grow inside of you and when it is ready it also needs the right environment to grow. In this case, it would be a list, developed social media platforms, and a certain amount of continuous work.

Think of the online course that you are building as a baby. You need to grow it inside of you with much love and when it is "born" you need to have the right environment to welcome it and let it thrive.

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How much time do you need?

That leaves us the question of how much time do you need to build an online course. Obviously, that varies according to different factors. Are you already are very clear about the content of your course or if you still need to figure out what you what to build? Are you a bit knowledgeable with videos, social media, and how to make a PDF presentation? It also depends on the time you can spend on it let's say per week.

So, presuming you know your content and you have some skills in presentations and videoing, it should take you a month to do only the course and to get started with your list building. I would consider that a minimum. Like the baby, good things need time. You work on your content, you put it away and work on another aspect of your course. You build your audience for instance or your list. Later you go back to your content and you will see that you want to make changes, improve parts. So, it is an evolution and it does take time. 

This does not mean that you have to wait until you believe it is perfect to publish it. That is another big mistake (you can read more about this here). As soon as you are happy with your result, go publish it, you will get feedback and you can always change it over time. That means that you continuously add value to your course which is really great for your students.

I offer a course that guides you through all the important steps of building your online course. I created this course and improved it over the years by valuable input from my students and it will continue to grow. To check it out click here. Since we are in our launch period I am more than happy to offer you a 25% discount with this coupon code DARESHARE.

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15 thoughts on “How much time will you need to build your online course?

  1. Great advice! It takes time to create something that is of great quality. Thank you for the analogy of your course bring like a baby. If we all see it that way, we may take care to nuture it until it is grown into the course we want to offer.

    1. Thank you, Leanne. Yes, I definitely feel like my course is my baby which is great since my two other “babies” are 18 and 20. They need me to redirect my focus. 😉

  2. Great info. Love the tips about thinking about the sales and marketing of your course even before you start to build it. Thanks!

    1. Yes Lori, if you do not do that it’s like opening a shop and sitting there hoping that someone finds you. And we all know, Hope is Not a Strategy. 🙂

  3. Awe- “building your course is like a baby.” I love that comparison!
    I’m looking forward to reading about the other 9. Thanks for sharing!

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