How to inspire people to read what you share.

how to inspire people

Back with the second part of "what you need to do to become an authority in your field". ​Click here inspire people to follow you if you haven't read the first part, yet.

So far we have seen that you need to

  • 1
    Know your subject: Obviously you need to have above average knowledge
  • 2
    Define your niche: define who you are talking to or your message will not be clear
  • 3
    Host a blog: Have a place to share valuable information and to interact with your readers

If you haven't done so yet, you can read the details of this blog: How to inspire people to follow what you share here.

4. Demonstrate your expertise

Now that you have your blog going, you will share your expertise via the blog posts. You should write at least one post a week. It will allow you stay in touch with your followers and give you the opportunity to attract new people. Before you start writing your posts you should be clear about this: you are there to the people who follow you not the other way around. So when you start writing be very clear that you do it to help others, not to just push your own agenda. In other words: Share exceptionally good and relevant content. Don't just feed them "junk" that they know already. Do your research, make sense and make sure by the end of your article they have information they can apply if they want. This way people are interested in following you, they know that they can come back for more. 

You can also share links to other interesting pages if they fir the context, don't be afraid, your readers will appreciate that you want to give them as much information as possible.

So, how do you find your relevant content? How do you find out what people want to know in your field? There are different ways to find out.

  • Ask questions: ask your followers to send you their questions. You can help them on the spot and also integrate the answers in a post. It is a great way to find out what they have issues with and help them right away.
  • Use Google: if you start typing a sentence, Google will give you suggestions to complete it. Use this as a tool to see what people are searching most. It can give you great ideas about what kind of questions you might want to answer in your blog posts.
  • Use Quora: here, too, you can see what questions people have in your field of expertise. You can answer them right there and use them to create the subject of some of your blog posts.
  • Use Buzzsumo, it is powerful online tool that allows any user to find out what content is popular by topic or on any website.
  • Ask your acquaintances who work in the same field what they struggled with. Brainstorm and find what difficulties you were facing when you got started.

When you do this you will get a substantial list of questions, they will help you determine the content of your future posts. Create a list of 25 subjects and you will know what to write about for the next 6 months.

Now there are other upsides when you create good content which has to do with your website.

This means that each piece of content (video, blog post, infographic,...) needs to be crafted with a purpose, and that goal should be centered on the needs of your customers.

As you build out your marketing strategy, you should put all of your efforts into making content that is aligned to the needs of your customers because this type of content has many benefits, such as:

  • Generating valuable backlinks that can improve your site’s ranking and online presence.
  • Decreasing your Bounce Rate since your readers will want to see more of your site.
  • Increasing Pages/Session since your readers will be consuming more content.
  • Increasing Avg. Session Duration since your readers are on your site longer.
  • Improving CTR since readers are taking action to learn more from your website.
  • Increasing social shares as more people want to share your content with their networks.
  • Attracting qualified traffic, build an active community, and boost conversions.

5. Create free incentives

In the same spirit as above where you create great blog posts, you should have a give away. Your readers will get it when they opt-in on your CTA. Now what is a CTA and why would you have one?

A CTA is a Call-To-Action button. It is an image or text that prompts your visitor to take action. It literally calls the reader to take action. You can see that I have different ones on this page, at the top of the post, on the bottom and i the right margin. Feel free to opt-in below and get your first 3 steps to your online course.

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If you need help to create a CTA, check out this really cool blog post on Hubspot where you can find all you need to get started.

Why would you have one?

You want your readers to sign up with you, meaning that they will trust you enough to give you their email address. First, when that happens make sure you do not spam. Remember, you are there to serve them and not the other way around. So, a great way to be of service is to create a really interesting freebie for your readers so that they don't feel tricked. You always want people to walk away with information they can actually use. Be generous in your offer.

What kind of freebie could you offer?

It always depends on the subject you want to share but make it valuable.

  • to do list
  • a check list
  • a worksheet/ workbook
  • a challenge
  • a video
  • a coupon code
  • ...

An easy and really great way to create your first freebie is with this site: attract.io. Click here, you can sign up and get started. This site offers some templates and you can just go ahead an replace the text and the pictures and you have your first (or second, or third) freebie.

Become an authority in your field attract.io

6. Use Social Media

Become an authority in your field social media

Nowadays we cannot imagine a world without social media anymore. We actually need to take a "vacation" from being on social media because it starts ruling our lives. I do not think that's a good thing, on the contrary. What is a good thing though is the fact that you can use social media to make a name for yourself. You can use it to share your ideas, your product and in this case interest people in what you have to say. There are many platforms and so much to say about it so for here and now I will add links to pages that explain really well how to do this. Today we concentrate on Facebook and twitter.

So what can you do for starters to be present and seen on social media?


Get started by creating a Facebook page where you can share your knowledge.

  • Invite people to follow you.
  • Make it very clear what your page is about, tell them that you are posting tips and tricks about your industry.
  • You can use this page to interact with your followers, publish your blog posts and share other interesting posts.

It is all about getting your information in front of people. Your private page is not the right place to do that, it will be messy and it won't look professional so don't mix your family pictures with your business. Read this article, Neil Patel will guide you through building your Facebook page so that it is a success. Facebook Marketing, a comprehensive guide for beginners

Become an authority in your field facebook

Like all social media, Facebook gives you a lot of possibilities to build your authority for free, you can at a later stage, turn towards paid advertising but you really need to be clear about your target group so that you don't spend money that does not have any return on investment.


If you have already a Twitter account, take a closer look at it, you might want to brush it up a bit. Get a clear message over about what kind of information you are sharing on your account, you need to do that in your bio. Learning how to build your twitter page would be a huge post on its own so I will direct you to 2 very good articles that lead you all the way through the process.

7. Join a network of like-minded people

You can build a social network on internet and you can start building a network where you live.

Have you ever heard about meetup? Meetup is a service used to organize online groups that host in-person events for people with similar interests. You can find people with similar interests on the net as well as in your area. You can join groups and you can organize your own.

Become an authority in your field meetup

If you follow these 7 steps you will find out that people are interested in what you share. If you have a question or comment you can leave it below. If you want to get your first 3 steps to building your online course click below.

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By signing up for free you will get a starter kit, your first 3 steps, and

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